New podcast “Prompts for UX” with the unique AI P.F.U.X. now available!

July 6th, 2023

Finally, the time is here! We recently launched the new podcast “Prompts for UX” with our unique AI P.F.U.X. From now on, episodes of this exciting podcast series will be published regularly on our Spotify and YouTube channels.

“Prompts for UX” revolves around the fascinating world of artificial intelligence (AI) in the UX industry. In each episode, listeners dive into a wide variety of issues surrounding the topic together with the charming AI companion called P.F.U.X.. From exciting discussions to philosophical thought-provoking ideas, the podcast offers an inspiring and informative journey.

What sets this podcast apart from others are the unique chatGPT prompts presented in each episode. These practical tips help listeners improve and enrich their daily UX work.

In the first episode, Thomas and Catharina talk about the influence of ChatGPT on the job of the UX writer. P.F.U.X. as ChatGPT voice mixes in and provides surprising answers. The panel discusses the following questions, among others: Does ChatGPT have job-killing potential? What do current productivity studies say? How can we use ChatGPT effectively as UXers?

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