The Outdoor Office from Centigrade

June 14th, 2021

Outdoor Office Illustration

We’ve all been working from home for a year now. But after a year in the home office, we’ve noticed that we’re missing something crucial: human interaction. The creative, colorful activity in a shared place. So we set out to find a solution.

As a UX company, however, we didn’t jump right in with the solution, but first looked at the core needs of our main target group: Centigrade’s employees.

  1. In addition to the notebook, additional, indispensable work equipment is required in order to be able to work ergonomically on a permanent basis. For example, a second monitor, a mouse or a graphics tablet. This requirement meant that we had to make sure that the outdoor workspace was not too small or wobbly.
  2. Most people want to be able to seclude themselves in meetings – especially customer meetings – so that they don’t disturb others – or, conversely, so that they themselves are not disturbed. As a result, our outdoor workspace should not expose users too much under any circumstances.
  3. Many of us like the famous “coffee kitchen small talk” and also like to exchange content spontaneously. But that is precisely what is currently being neglected online. Physical togetherness and visual contact, even without a mask, must therefore not only be possible in our workspace, but even encouraged.
  4. Most colleagues don’t want to miss working out on a home office, but appreciate their newfound flexibility – in part thanks to Corona. After all, they can now work virtually in any room and even on the balcony. Our potential solution must therefore be mobile, if not portable.

What was the result? An innovative outdoor office concept with a specially designed outdoor desk called Armadillo Desk.

But the journey goes even further. Because the Armadillo Desk can not only be used in our outdoor office, but it can really be used anywhere…. 🙂

The first Outdoor Office live test

The German UPA, professional association of usability and UX professionals, held a digital job fair last week. Visitors here were able to dive into our own world via a digital booth in a Miro Board. A world in Gather that reflects our outdoor office on site.

Outdoor Office in Gather

Once there, the participants were free to move around and talk to Thomas, Luzie and Miri. All three were in the Outdoor Office with the Armadillo Desks at the same time. And what can we say: It worked flawlessly. There were no disturbances and also the internet connection was stable to talk to the participants. So all in all, it was a complete success.

We at Centigrade are happy about the warm months, which we can now enjoy while working outdoors. You can find more information about the project at

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