World Usability Day: Inner piggy meets boss

November 11th, 2022

WordUsabilityDay LogoWorld Usability Day is single day of events occurring around the world that brings together communities of professional, industrial, educational, citizen, and government groups for our common objective: to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use. Thomas Immich joined this day with an online lecture on UX & Gamification: Inner piggy meets boss.

Inner piggy meets boss: How UX & Gamification motivates more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is all too often the result of a strong will or great discipline. This cries out for everyday struggles against the inner pig dog. Nevertheless, more and more often you also meet people who can’t help but display certain health-promoting behavior patterns – whether in sports, rehab, nutrition or simply during everyday routines. Thomas Immich presented inspiring examples of this phenomenon and showed how these positive effects can be spread by means of UX & Gamification thanks to digital, networked terminals and apps.

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