Centigrade is a “family-friendly company

April 24th, 2020

Organisations that are particularly committed to helping their employees combine family and career are awarded with the ” Family-friendly company” seal of approval. We are therefore proud to receive this award from the IHK Saarland. This is an official recognition of our continuous efforts to create good conditions for working and living.

Familienfreundliches Unternehmen Plakat

The human in the centre

As a UX service provider, Centigrade always focuses on the needs of different user groups. It is therefore only logical to take the needs of our own employees seriously and to meet them with positive working conditions. Thus, family friendliness is an essential part of our corporate culture.

Luzie Seeliger

Luzie Seeliger,
Employee Experience Manager


“We are interested in more than a good working atmosphere: We want our colleagues to feel comfortable overall. This also means that they can balance everything that is important to them and that suits them individually through flexitime, home office, flexible part-time models, full overtime and travel time compensation and other family-friendly offers.”



The “family-friendly company” seal of approval

Familienfreundliches Unternehmen 2020


Before the Saarland seal of approval “Family-friendly company” can be awarded to a company, its commitment in five fields of action is checked. Companies that have implemented appropriate measures and have also defined a future-oriented development plan receive the seal for two years. Centigrade has implemented or defined the following measures as goals in all five fields of action:

  1. Flexibility of working time, organisation and location
  2. Childcare, parental leave and re-entry
  3. Compatibility of work and care
  4. Communication and information
  5. Further service and support offers


We look forward to taking further steps towards family friendliness now and in the future.


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