Centigrade wird 16 – darauf stoßen wir an

October 20th, 2021

How relative time is – 16 years sounds young and inexperienced on the scale of a human lifetime. For Centigrade as a company in the IT and digital design industry, however, it is a long time in which we have been able to gather a lot of knowledge and experience profound changes.

We’ve seen WPF, Silverlight, and Flash flare up as UI technologies and die again – defeated by HTML and CSS. We’ve seen skeuomorphism and flat design go and material and neomorphism come in their place. We’ve seen the term usability increasingly supplanted by the term UX, while marketing departments are increasingly discovering experience design in the form of CX.

But in the end, we saw one thing above all: User experience is more than just visual design, UI toolkits or term bingo. It’s about understanding the core needs of users in different contexts and adequately meeting them. It’s about having a good development process and continuously collaborating with the customer in an interdisciplinary team. For us, our Continuous UX process kit has therefore become a timeless key to success – no matter in which direction markets and technologies are currently developing.


Online Biertasting Jubiläum

We toast: Centigrade Online Beer Tasting

To celebrate the anniversary, there was something very special again: an online beer tasting led by Saarbrücken Ulanen Gastro operator Jonas Kirch. Colleagues joined in remotely and tasted a selection of 7 different beers on the sofa at home. Starting with a light wheat beer, it went on to IPA varieties and a very strong smoked beer. So there was something for everyone 😉

We are looking forward to many more exciting years and great team events together 🙂


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