Centigrade with MightyU at the Mensch & Computer 2020

September 3rd, 2020

Mensch und Computer 2020

The annual “Mensch & Computer” (MuC) conference will take place from September 6 to 9 under the main topic “digital change in the flow of time”. Unlike the years before, the conference will be held completely digitally this year because of COVID-19. Spread over 4 days workshops, keynotes and sessions on the topic will be held. Centigrade supports the event as a sponsor and holds a workshop on the MightyU project and how to test a sensor-based game to support the therapy of child patients.


MightyU- Little heroes – really big – How do you test a sensor-based game for therapy support of child patients

MightyUChildren with infantile cerebral palsy struggle with severe motor impairments caused by damage to the central nervous system in early childhood. For the therapy success of the children, it is important to perform exercises on a regular basis to increase their mobility. With the help of a playful digital application, the young patients should be motivated to perform these exercises regularly and independently. But what does a game have to bring to motivate children with different motor skill levels? How can self-efficacy and competence experience be conveyed? What must be considered when testing with physically handicapped children? The project “MightyU” is used as an example to show how the implementation of usability tests with children differs. It will be discussed what special features have to be taken into account and the experiences with special target groups will be discussed together.

The workshop takes place on 06.09. from 11:30 – 13:00 fully digital. Information on how to participate can be found here.


About the Mensch & Computer Konferenz

The “Mensch und Computer” conference offers a platform for contributions and discussions on innovative forms of interaction between people and technology, on user-oriented development methods, interactive applications and other topics from the field of tension between users, organizations and communities on the one hand and their information and communication technologies on the other. The aim of the conference is to discuss innovative research results, to promote the exchange of information between science and practice, to raise awareness of the relevance of user- and task-oriented technology design in science and the public, and to stimulate research activities and training in this field.


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