From UX Design to UX Modeling – The Sharpening of a Role Continues

Thomas Immich

UX Discovery

I had recently published the article UX Design is dead – long live UX Design and described in it why I think a new understanding of the role of UX Designer* is urgently needed. My call then was:

Let’s modernize the role ‘UX Designer*in’ together to make the digitalized world of tomorrow a little bit better with better products and services.

One reason for the call was that even after many years in the industry, the gap between UX designers and software engineers still seemed too big to me. Fortunately I got a lot of input from other professional UX & CX or digital design professionals, software engineers or – in general – product creators. Thank you for that, because it gave me the opportunity to further sharpen my thoughts on the role of ‘UX designer’. read more…

What is Gamification? Definition and examples from real life

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
June 25th, 2021

Gamification is the “application of game-typical elements in a non-game context”. Gamification is by no means the same as conventional incentive or reward systems. A reward is merely an “external trigger”, i.e. a manual impulse that is intended to get someone to perform an action. For example, a health insurance company pays a premium if the client exercises more frequently. However, if this external trigger falls away, the person is very likely to stop taking the action – i.e., the health-seeking behavior – as well. The person was merely “extrinsically motivated.” read more…

UX Design is dead. Long live UX Design.

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
May 28th, 2021

Designer Illustration

The start of a new UX designer role model.

A lot has happened … and then it hasn’t.

I’ve really been around the so-called UX scene for quite a while now. As the owner and CEO of Centigrade, I’ve been running one of the most successful UX companies in Germany for over 15 years. But since I moved from video game development 20 years ago into what was then called usability and user interface design, not much has actually changed. Sure – new tools have emerged and disappeared again. Methods have been hyped and then replaced by supposedly even better methods. The end devices and design options have become more numerous and somehow no one talks about pixels anymore, because that was settled with 4K monitors at the latest.

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Industry 4.0 and the human factor: Thomas Immich interviewed

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
April 26th, 2021

Rampf HMI Dosieranlagen Industrie 4.0

The transformation of a traditional industrial plant into a “smart factory” confronts companies with major challenges in many ways. One of the most important aspects, in addition to the development and implementation of new processes and IoT-enabled production equipment, is the human factor. There is a wide range of training and education to make employees fit for the machines. At Centigrade, we take a different approach and develop user interfaces that make machines fit for employees. In this interview, our CEO Thomas Immich explains why Industry 4.0 is more than new, networked machines and why the human-machine interface needs to be rethought. read more…

Introduction to the LOUISA project

Britta Karn

What is the LOUISA project about?

The LOUISA project was launched by the Center for Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine at Essen University Hospital and the Essen University Medical Center Foundation. In everyday hospital life, the legal representatives of sick children are often the first point of contact when it comes to explanations and information about complex measures or illnesses. This project aims to focus on the sick children in order to inform them in a way that is appropriate to their situation and time. Especially for chronically ill children with protracted treatments, an understanding of their illness is an indispensable prerequisite for effective treatment. This applies both to the hospital stay and to the subsequent time at home. It is very important that patients regularly document certain values, adhere to their medication schedule and monitor vital signs.

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The Gamification Project MightyU – You ask, we answer

Thomas Immich
Thomas Immich
December 10th, 2020


MightyU Logo Color mobile

MightyU is an extraordinary research project for children with infantile cerebral paresis, in short: ICP or CP. ICP is a chronic movement disorder caused by early childhood brain damage. With the approaches of Gamification and Virtual Reality, MightyU wants to achieve that the affected children and adolescents can perform their therapy exercises more playfully and independently at home. Managing Director Thomas Immich answered important questions about the research project in a short question-and-answer interview:

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5 things to enable a meaningful UX strategy

Clemens Lutsch
Clemens Lutsch
October 30th, 2020

Part 1 of this article highlighted a few points that can be used to prevent a good UX strategy in a company. Part 2 is now dedicated to topics that support a good UX strategy.  The top 5 things that should be done to enable a sustainable UX strategy are not dependent on the size of the company or project. Neither can they be limited to a specific industry or sector.

Each of these 5 things is based on real situations in real teams and real companies.Possible similarities with known situations or recognition cannot be excluded.

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