The Health Reality Lab is part of a forward-looking project to promote and research AR/VR applications in the healthcare sector. It aims to open up the existing knowledge of these industries for the health care sector, to disseminate it through a reality lab and to implement it in the context of e-health and mobile health applications. Regular events bring together interested parties and experts and create an environment for the exchange of current industry topics. One such event took place on 07.10. under the title “Games for Health”. Thomas Immich accompanied the event with a lecture on UX & Gamification: Inner piggy meets bosses.

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We would like to toast – to 15 successful years with large and small customers and the most diverse UX projects from industry, research and many other sectors. Although the current pandemic situation makes it difficult to be together as a team, we didn’t miss out on the festive mood for this anniversary.

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Mensch und Computer 2020

The annual “Mensch & Computer” (MuC) conference will take place from September 6 to 9 under the main topic “digital change in the flow of time”. Unlike the years before, the conference will be held completely digitally this year because of COVID-19. Spread over 4 days workshops, keynotes and sessions on the topic will be held. Centigrade supports the event as a sponsor and holds a workshop on the MightyU project and how to test a sensor-based game to support the therapy of child patients.


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VDID LogoWithin the scope of a training series, Centigrade’s trainers will support the Association of German Industrial Designers (VDID) with expertise from over 15 years of UX projects. Furthermore, we are now officially a supporting member of the association.

From September 2020 – April 2021, monthly trainings will take place, providing beginners with basic UX knowledge, but also advanced professionals with valuable tips on how to integrate UX into agile processes. Due to the current situation, we are conducting the trainings virtually – a concept we are very convinced of after first experiences in summer.

We offer the following topics:

The training courses are also open to other interested parties from other industries. They also belong to our portfolio as in-house trainings.

Racist structures can be found even where you would not expect them. This makes it all the more important not to look away, but to help to resolve the situation. In response to current events and the increased public discussion about racism, we have taken a critical look at problematic language conventions in our field of software development and we are committed to abolishing them.

“Blocklist and Allowlist” instead of “Blacklist and Whitelist”

In IT and software development, some terms have been found to be reinforcing negative prejudices. For example, the term “blacklist” is often used when unwanted addresses are to be blocked. Explicitly approved addresses, on the other hand, are put on a “whitelist”. This choice of words subtly supports the fact that the word “black” triggers negative associations, while “white” has positive connotations.

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The use of user stories in software development should lead to the development of user-friendly products and thus enable customers to experience significant added value. However, this goal often remains unachieved due to methodical errors. How can product owners, product managers, software engineers and also UX designers and UX researchers use user stories together to create truly outstanding software? In the online event “Getting User Stories Right: How UX and Agile Product Development can come together more effectively” on June 25th as part of the UX-Day, Centigrade’s CEO Thomas Immich explains the topic.

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Organisations that are particularly committed to helping their employees combine family and career are awarded with the ” Family-friendly company” seal of approval. We are therefore proud to receive this award from the IHK Saarland. This is an official recognition of our continuous efforts to create good conditions for working and living.

Familienfreundliches Unternehmen Plakat

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We are proud to announce that the official project website for MightyU is now online!
The research project “Mighty U” is concerned with the development of a playful VR application for therapeutic support of children and adolescents with infantile cerebral palsy (ICP).
Infantile cerebral palsy is a chronic disease of the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, regular therapy and independent practice of movement sequences are extremely important for patients.

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How will the UX field develop in the future? Leading UX experts will address this question on 13 February in an international online panel discussion of the German UPA.

Thomas Immich, CEO and owner of Centigrade, will discuss with UX experts from companies, consultancies and startups and share impressions and experiences from his more than 15 years of mission in the UX field. read more…

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